Maximizing Your Resources - Saving $$, Saving Time - Amigos Member Conference

Next Wednesday, May 16 is the day! Have you registered for our Amigos Member Conference, Maximizing Your Resources –Saving $$, Saving Time? It's FREE for Amigos members! Do it NOW so you won’t miss:

Mary Lee Kennedy’s kick off keynote presentation, Leadership: The Innovation Leadership Imperative. We’re all heard the saying, “Innovate or Die.” What does this mean for libraries as we participate in one of the greatest technological revolutions yet? This talk presents why's and how's that all of us can use to create a culture of innovation.

John Spears’ closing keynote presentation, Let It Go: Rethinking Library Services. Spears will address how libraries can build a truly community-focused library, intent on removing unnecessary barriers and allowing users to define their own experiences.

Sessions throughout the day include:

  • Doing Less with Less
  • Maximizing Your Staff
  • Increasing Your Reach on Social Media Without Ads
  • Re-evaluate, re-purpose and do it yourself. How we saved money and changed spaces
  • And more…

Don’t miss the Learn @ Lunch session, too! Watch presentations from five of our vendor partners and be eligible to win an Amazon gift card.

For more details, check out the conference website.