One App. One Interface. Endless Discovery.

Built by libraries for libraries, SimplyE is an easy-to-use app (Apple App Store  or  Google Play Store) that makes it easier for patrons to access their library’s ebooks and audiobooks.

Amigos Library Services offers full-service hosting of SimplyE for libraries that cannot or prefer not to host SimplyE themselves. Our full-service approach includes hosting the SimplyE service, prompt and helpful email and phone support, monthly SimplyE usage statistics, free online training for using and customizing SimplyE, and customizable marketing and promotional materials.

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Highlights of SimplyE

  • Discover Ebooks & Audiobooks - SimplyE is a discovery service for ebooks and audiobooks. It displays titles from different aggregators and publishers in a single patron interface. Patrons can read an ebook or listen to an audiobook within 3 clicks.
  • Borrow with Ease - SimplyE allows patrons to enter their library card number and PIN just once to start reading and listening for free. SimplyE eliminates patrons' frustrations with Adobe IDs or multiple login methods.
  • Simply Read & Listen - SimplyE uses the next generation of ebook and digital rights management (DRM) technologies to make reading on a phone or tablet simple and convenient.
  • Privacy - Patron privacy is built-in to SimplyE. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not saved on the SimplyE servers.
  • Accessibility - Accessibility is a high priority for SimplyE, including ebooks and audiobooks available through the service. SimplyE’s reading software is based on Readium, a highly accessible epub reader. The audiobook player was built with accessibility in mind and works with assistive technologies, including screen-readers like TalkBack (Android) and VoiceOver (iOS).
  • Open-Source - SimplyE is developed and supported by the New York Public Library (NYPL) and received funding from the Institute for Museums and Library Services (IMLS). With Amigos Library Services, library organizations including Califa, Georgia Public Library Service, and Minitex continue to support the development of SimplyE.

Benefits for Libraries and Readers

Benefits for Libraries Benefits for Readers
The library leads the relationship with its readers. Simple to use – just Find, Download, and Read or Listen.
Library staff teach and support a single app instead of multiple apps from multiple content providers. Readers use one app to search across a library’s ebooks and audiobooks, regardless of ebook or audiobook provider.
The library increases its return on investment, as patrons find and read titles that may not have previously been discoverable. Reader information is kept private.
Development of the app is library-driven. Accessibility is central to this app's functionality.
As an open-source product, the library has the option to implement the service themselves or use a hosting organization.  

Supported Providers

The number and types of ebook and audiobook providers currently integrated with the SimplyE app is constantly growing. Current content providers include:

Ebook and Audiobook Providers Ebooks Audiobooks
Baker & Taylor's Axis360
Bibliolabs’ Biblioboard  
Bibliotheca’s CloudLibrary*
Califa's enki
Palace Exchange (formerly DPLA Exchange)
Project Gutenberg  

*CloudLink groups that share a central collection may add those titles to SimplyE. If Bibliotheca’s traditional CloudLink functionality is used, which does not recognize third-party integrations, libraries will see only titles they have purchased for their own patrons.

SimplyE also integrates with EBSCO's Novelist, which provides recommendations for ebooks and audiobooks.

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