New York Public Library Releases Updates to SimplyE for Android and iOS

In March, the New York Public Library posted updates for the Android (7.2.1) and iOS (3.8.5) versions of the SimplyE app. These updates improve users' experiences with resuming a patron's location in audiobooks, retrieving search results, displaying loan limits, and reading in landscape mode. Learn more about these updates and Amigos' hosting services for the SimplyE app.


  • Fixed: The audio player does not reliably retain a patron’s location in the audiobook when listening on an iOS device.
  • Fixed: When searching in the Audiobooks tab, if there are no results, the patron would see a "Connection Failed" error. They will now see "No results found."
  • Fixed: When the SimplyE app suddenly loses its connection to the Internet (crashing or the Internet disconnects), the location in an audiobook is not saved.


  • Fixed: In some instances, Axis360 audiobooks do not play and eventually cause the app to stop responding.
  • Fixed: The SimplyE app states the loan limit has been reached even though all titles have been returned.
  • Fixed: Previously returned Axis 360 titles reappear in the Books tab after the app has been closed using "Force Stop."
  • Enhancement: Patrons should now be able to read an ebook in landscape mode.

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