In With the New: How Volunteering Courier Libraries Are Helping Increase Efficiency One Label At a Time

Just like that barcode on the box at your front door, the barcode on your TAE bag contains crucial information for storing and communicating tracking information. Wear and tear over the years have degraded the barcodes on bags and that began to have a negative impact on TAE operations.

To solve the problem of missed tracking information and incomplete scans from the older cracked and wrinkled codes on bags, Amigos ordered bright new barcodes. Have you seen those new orange striped tags on the bags? To help replace the old barcodes quickly, Amigos reached out to some of the high-volume libraries. They’ve been working since July and have made tremendous progress – we’re now able to send out the new pattern barcodes when members ask. As the new barcodes replace the old, a decrease in scanning errors is expected, which is an improvement that will help all courier libraries.

TAE would like to thank the below courier libraries for their invaluable help in replacing the barcodes on our courier bags!

Library SITE HUB
Amarillo Public Library 156 AMA
Baylor University 80 WAC
Benbrook Public Library 2 DAL
Brazoria County Library System 137 HOU
Denton Public Library 151 DAL
Fort Bend County Libraries - George Memorial Library 129 HOU
Houston Public Library 143 HOU
Irving Public Library System 116 DAL
Metropolitan Library System 613 OKC
Plano Public Library 91 DAL
San Antonio Public Library 154 SAT
University of North Texas 15 DAL
University of Texas - Austin 1 AUS
Victoria Public Library 100 HOU