Know & Go: Adulting 101 for Teens and College Students

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Adulting is hard! As education tracks become more academically intensive, there can be little room left for learning basic life skills. Young adults may feel lost when it comes to things like folding laundry, sewing on a button, balancing a checkbook, or cooking a meal.

As libraries begin to take on more unique roles in the community, offering Adulting 101 programs to teens and college students is a great way to prepare young adults for their first steps into independence. This course will assess the growing need Adulting 101 programs, discuss the types of basic life skills teens want to learn, and look at examples of these types of programs.

Learning objectives for this session include
  • Identify basic life skills
  • Explore the library’s role in offering Adulting programs
  • Discuss planning for Adulting 101 programs
  • Look at examples of Adulting 101 programs
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This course consists of a 1-hour session.
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