Have you heard of Artifex's Catalogues Raisonnés? Hear what Amigos Member from Colby College has to say!

Artifex Press is a publisher of digital catalogues raisonnés. They have developed a proprietary, patented software platform and a dedicated research and publishing program to produce, edit, and distribute these seminal publications.

A catalogue raisonné is the definitive, comprehensive, and annotated compilation of all the known works of an artist. Traditionally produced in book form, catalogues raisonnés have often posed a dilemma for scholars.

Some of the current publications include:

Current publications compile over 3,740 artworks illustrated within more than 13,200 images and illustrations both archival, newly commissioned, and never published. As a resource for source materials each catalogue has exclusive documentary materials – audio and video files, interviews, facsimile reproduced manuscripts and artists commentary that cannot be found in any other publications.

All Artifex Press catalogues raisonnés are updated for provenance, exhibition and publication history regularly. Not limited by print each catalogue comes with an ever-expanding archive of artwork images and primary source materials as well as editorial updates and addendum.

Amigos Member from Colby College, says, "Artifex Press maximizes the capabilities of the digital media publishing platform to offer the scholarly art audience a powerful new vision for the contemporary catalogue raisonne. Unlike printed catalogues raisonnes, Artifex Press catalogues are updated to incorporate new content. I highly recommend Artifex Press for serious academic art programs and museums with works by the artists represented in the Artifex corpus." - Margaret D. Ericson|Arts Librarian and Copyright Liaison|Bixler Art and Music Library|Colby College Libraries

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