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Films On Demand, Access Video On Demand and Classroom Video On Demand are web-based digital video delivery services that allow the streaming of videos from the Films Media Group from producers such as the A&E Network, ABC, BBC, CBC, CBS, CNBC, National Geographic, NBC, PBS, Bill Moyers, Ken Burns, Jim Lehrer, Rick Steves, TED and many more. Special features include the ability to organize and bookmark clips, share playlists, personalize folders and manage entire collections through an administrative reporting system.

Films on Demand
Designed for universities and community colleges, Films On Demand offers more than 20,000 educational titles that are neatly grouped into convenient, subject-specific categories. The Master Academic and Career and Technical Education collections offer the ultimate in curriculum coverage and are an outstanding value.

Access Video on Demand
Designed for public libraries, Access Video On Demand currently offers more than 12,000 titles in dozens of subject areas which are available in eight comprehensive collections through an annual subscription. Collections include Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Science, Mathematics & Technology, Health & Wellness, Careers & Trades, Home & Family, and Travel & Recreation.

Classroom Video On Demand
Classroom Video On Demand is the first true, dedicated high school video subscription of its kind. The exceptional content of more than 11,000 titles is both sophisticated yet easily accessible, with material appropriate for basic through AP courses. All content is correlated to state and national educational standards.

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