RDA Toolkit Subscription Double-Up Offer—Lock In By August 24

Amigos Library Services is pleased to offer a consortia discount of 15% for solo and site subscriptions for the RDA Toolkit. To maximize the benefit and savings, we are passing along the entire discount to Amigos members. The common renewal date for the Amigos RDA Toolkit group subscription is December 1, 2012. For even more savings, subscribe to or renew a site license subscription by the end of August 2012 to take advantage of ALA’s limited time double-user offer. The double-user offer allows you to receive double the purchased number of concurrent users at no additional charge. (For example, buy a two-user Institutional subscription and get a four-user subscription for the same price.) Submit your new subscription order or renewal to Amigos before August 24, 2012.

For new subscribers: Join the group subscription for an initial 15-month pro-rated subscription period to receive both the 15% Amigos member discount and the double-user offer. To subscribe, first request a price quote. We will respond with a detailed price quote and a link to the license agreement and order form. Then, place your order with Amigos by August 24.

For current subscribers: The double-user offer has been extended for another year to continuing subscribers who commit to renew by August 24. Later this month you will receive your renewal notice from Amigos. Your renewal date for the 12-month subscription remains December 1.

RDA will be implemented by U.S. national libraries beginning in January 2013. Subscribe now to be ready!

For more information contact Chris Brown at brown@amigos.org.