Amigos understands that providing our membership with the most current and accurate news and information is a necessity in a constantly evolving industry. We are committed to providing this information to our members through numerous communication channels such as Amigos publications, newsletters, news feeds, and email correspondence.

Our news articles are categorized by the following:

  • Conference News - Notification of speakers, programs, registration information, and other items of interest as they are announced
  • Continuing Education News - Amigos training course related news.
  • General News - Amigos General Information and News
  • Imaging & Preservation News - Information pertaining to Imaging & Preservation Services
  • Member Discount News - Notification of new products, product trials, and special offers requiring prompt action
  • OCLC News - OCLC product and service information
  • Training News - General training news as well as updates to the Amigos training calendar, including new courses, dates, times, and locations as they occur
  • Trans-Amigos Express News - Information related to our Trans-Amigos Express courier service.

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