General News

Here's A Question Received by Ask Amigos, Our Free Service to Amigos Members That Provides Advice, Referral, and Resources Delivered by Phone and e-mail.

We have a collection – still being transcribed – of oral histories and transcriptions started in 2004. The county librarian at the time asked that all items in the collection be marked as copyright-protected. Without documenting whether or not it is, can we simply say that an item is copyright-protected?

Amigos Launches Online Payment Option

As an added convenience, we are pleased to announce we are now accepting online payments for all Amigos invoices, via credit card or through PayPal.

Introducing our upcoming e-book platform . . . Amigos eShelf!

Our new e-book distribution platform, in development for the past year and nearing its rollout, now has a name – Amigos eShelf - and a logo. You will start seeing both this name and logo in our communications with you, at our conference exhibit booths, and on our website.