Trans-Amigos Express News

TAE Labels Class Set for Next Tuesday

We are offering a second online class on TAE labels next week that will cover tips and best practices for using and creating TAE labels and labels for KLE, MALA and MOBIUS libraries. Please consider attending this class if you needed a refresher on TAE or if you are a new staff member sending items via the TAE courier service.

TAE to Host Refresher Classes

TAE will host two online sessions this month. The first session will cover creating and using courier labels for TAE libraries and our connecting partners MALA, KLE, and MOBIUS. The second session will cover reimbursement guidelines for damaged or lost items. Please join us if you need a refresher course in TAE or if you are a new staff member learning to use the TAE service.

Using the TAE Online Form Helps us Help You

The TAE online form available on our participant page is handy for reporting statistics, lost items, library closings, and service disruptions. By using this form, you give us the information we need to process your request.