Amigos Member Conference 2022: Building the New Library Team - schedule

Session Links
10:00 am
Opening Keynote and Member Business Meeting
It Takes Time: Employee Engagement - (show description)
Chris LeBeau, Chair, Amigos Board of Directors
Keynote Speakers: Kristen Sorth - St. Louis County Library Director and CEO/Tarza Tawfiq - St. Louis County Library Employee Relations Coordinator
11:45 am
Lunch Break
12:45 pm
From Origination to Onboarding: Improving the Hiring Experience - (show description)
Allyson Rodriguez and Sian Brannon
12:45 pm
Relocating Reference: from a Circulation Perspective - (show description)
Leah McAlister and Susan Welker
12:45 pm
Transforming Leadership: What the Pandemic Taught Us About Supporting the Whole Library Employee - (show description)
Sarah Norrell
1:30 pm
1:45 pm
Staying flexible: Creating a culture of flexibility and change - (show description)
Derrik Hiatt
1:45 pm
Motivating Library Staff and Promoting Inclusion Through Teams - (show description)
Reina Williams
1:45 pm
Keep Your Workers by Sending Them Home: Offering Flexible Work Arrangements as an Employee Retention Strategy - (show description)
Bridgit McCafferty and Lisa Hopkins
2:30 pm
2:45 pm
Things Change, So Rearrange - Steps to Take & Lessons Learned - (show description)
Katherine Anderson and Amanda Guthrie
2:45 pm
Off to a Great Start! - (show description)
Jean Waldrop
2:45 pm
Developing a Data-Driven Approach to Organizational Development - (show description)
Tony Zander, Paul Bracke and Jackie Lorrainne