What Will We Keep: Creating the Next Remix of Library Services ~ Schedule

Session Links
10:00 am
Amigos Member Business Meeting and Keynote Speaker
Remixing the Approach: A Mindful Lens on Wellness & Care in Libraries - (show description)
Chris LeBeau, Chair, Amigos Board of Directors
Amanda M. Leftwich, Keynote Speaker
11:45 am
Lunch Break
12:45 pm
All Things Curbside - (show description)
Kristina Garcia & April Zuniga
12:45 pm
Technology vs. Tradition: Academic Library Services in mid-Pandemic Little Rock - (show description)
Chelsea Young & Laura Durham
12:45 pm
Adapt and Thrive: the Benefits of Reconfiguring Staff - (show description)
Chance Maggard & Ginger Bartush
1:30 pm
1:45 pm
Welcoming Everyone Online - (show description)
Carrie Banks
1:45 pm
Escape to the Library! Engaging with Students Through a Virtual Open House - (show description)
Megan Bryant & Lauren Mercado
1:45 pm
The Next Remix: Connecting to Your Community Through Online Book Clubs - (show description)
Lisa Young, Rachael Heuermann & Jeremy Jones
2:30 pm
2:45 pm
What Will We Keep: A New Remix at St. Louis County Library - (show description)
Rebecca Iglesias, Susan Vance & Patti Lee
2:45 pm
What Will We Keep: the Pandemic Journey of Two Campuses - (show description)
Aida Almanza, Sarah Timm, Teresa de la Torre, Bryant Moore, Marina Narvaez, Lisa Hopkins, Michelle Shea, Dawn Harris, Margaret Dawson & Victoria Eastes