Know & Go: Performance Improvement Plans

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Sometimes no matter how hard we try to avoid possible workplace conflicts and shortcomings, we have to eventually address personnel issues. Of course, we are all human and will inevitably make mistakes. As managers we need to allow for some flexibility for that but sometimes, we have to step in and take action with developing performance improvement plans. How we manage, correct, and react to those mistakes can make a huge difference in the likelihood of repeated mistakes, staff morale and overall performance.

In this session, learn how to objectively handle personnel issues and how to address them with an effective performance improvement plan.

Learning objectives for this session include
  • Identify methods for addressing and documenting disciplinary issues
  • Determine if a performance improvement plan is necessary
  • Develop a performance improvement plan to address personnel issues
  • Assess and monitor the progress of the performance improvement plan
Session Information
Session Duration: 
This course consists of a 1-hour session.