Amigos Micro-Credential Program

Many libraries expect their staff to continually seek out learning opportunities. The Amigos micro-credential program provides staff at member libraries that opportunity. A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition that allows a library staff member to demonstrate mastery in a particular area and to record that mastery on a resume or CV.

Micro-Credentialing at Amigos
Micro-credentialing at Amigos lets library staff follow a non-traditional learning path to gain skill sets in a specific technical area by taking a series of workshops, completing homework and a capstone project. Attendees are then granted a certificate. The capstone project must be completed within three months of the last course in the series. Library staff who want to pursue the certificate for subjects in the micro-credentialing program must register separately for each course in the series as well as the capstone project.

Current micro-credentialing programs at Amigos

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