Wrangling Library Data: Analytics, Dashboards, and Spreadsheets

Whether you work in public, technical or IT services, more data is available to librarians now than ever before. We get circulation data from our ILS and other third-party vendors, demographic information from our communities, bibliographic data from MARC records and other utilities, budget data, survey data, collection data, website analytics, in-house use data, help desk data and more. We now have access to the tools and storage to manipulate these data streams to learn more about our communities, collections, and services. We’re no longer confined to working with data from a single source, but are able to take data from multiple sources, connect them to each other, and discover more about ourselves and our patrons.

Tabatha Farney, author of Using Digital Analytics for Smart Assessment (ALA Editions, 2018), is our keynote speaker. As the Director of Web Services and Emerging Technologies for the Kraemer Family Library at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Tabatha brings her experience using and writing about different types of analytics to our discussion.

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