General News

Voting Representatives, Have You Voted in the Amigos Elections?

If you are the Voting Representative for your institution with Amigos, you were sent an email on April 6th regarding the Amigos Member Business Meeting. The ballot for the elections was sent on Monday April 18th and votes are due by Friday April 29th. Participation in Amigos elections ensures that your library's voice is heard, so please be sure to complete your ballot soon!

Voting Representatives: Information about May 11th Amigos Member Business Meeting

Earlier this week, Voting Representatives received an email with information from Board of Directors Chair,  Ms. Chris LeBeau. This message contained links to documents about the FY2022/23 budget, the Call to Meeting with candidate information, election information, and an agenda for the Member Business Meeting to be held online, May 11, 2022. An email from our election service containing ballot information will be sent in mid-April.