General News


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Interested in serving on the Amigos Board of Directors?

The Amigos Nominating Committee is seeking candidates to serve on the Amigos Board of Directors. During the annual Amigos Member Business Meeting on May 10, 2017, an election will be conducted, and those designated as Voting Representatives of Amigos member libraries will elect three librarians and one independent director to serve three-year terms on the Board.

Amigos Staffing Updates

You may have noticed some new names and faces at Amigos!

In a recent restructuring, Amigos CEO Bonnie Juergens, has named Keith Gaertner, Chief Financial Officer. Keith had formerly served as Chief Information Technology and Internal Audit Officer and joined Amigos upon the merger of Missouri Library Network Corporation (MLNC) and Amigos. At MLNC, Keith served as Business Manager for over 20 years.