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Designed for the digital world and an expanding universe of metadata users, RDA: Resource Description and Access is the new, unified cataloging standard. Built on the foundations established by AACR2, RDA provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and instructions on resource description and access covering all types of content and media.

The online RDA Toolkit subscription is the most effective way to interact with the new standard.

RDA Toolkit highlights:

  • Searchable and browseable RDA instructions
  • User-created Workflows, Maps, and other tools
  • Two views of RDA content-Table of Contents and RDA Element Set
  • Full text of AACR2 with links to RDA
  • Library of Congress Policy Statements

Amigos Library Services offers a single simultaneous user subscription as a benefit of membership. New subscriptions start on March 31st, July 1st and November 30th. Additional simultaneous users are available at a 13% discount off the ALA list price when you order through Amigos. To order a single simultaneous user subscription, please contact us. To request a quote for more than one user, use the quote form linked below.

RDA Toolkit Subscription

  • Designed for one user or multi-user environments
  • One concurrent user (plus any number of concurrent users you choose to add)-for an unlimited number of individuals/profiles in the same institution so long as they're not accessing RDA Toolkit at the same time
  • Any number of users can set up profiles
  • Add additional concurrent users at any time
  • Allows you to share workflows and mappings within the institution

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