Amigos signs multi-year Skilltype Agreement for its Research Libraries

ADDISON, TX, December 13, 2022 — Amigos Library Services is making a first of its kind investment in increasing the capacity of its 500+ library members by implementing a multi-year partnership with talent management platform Skilltype. This partnership will provide access to a pilot group of research libraries to begin deploying a data-driven approach to organizational development. Initial pilot participants include Baylor University, Rice University, Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, Texas Tech University, The University of Texas at Austin, and Washington University in St. Louis. 

Each library will gain access to its own talent dashboard within Skilltype, including tools for skills inventory, gap analysis, cohort-based training, personalized professional development, and more. As a consortium, Amigos is now able to access new opportunities for networking, leveraging the platform’s data-driven approach to expertise sharing across this unique multi-state academic library community.  

"Amigos believes in the power of libraries working together and is committed to the growth and development of library staff. We are excited and honored to engage with these seven libraries and with the Skilltype team to bring this innovative platform to our community." shares Miguel Figueroa, President and CEO of Amigos. 

Amigos' mission is to support libraries through the sharing of collections, services, and opportunities. They take pride in being one of the largest consortia of libraries in the nation, providing continuing education, discounted services from leading vendors, courier service, association management, and more. 

Jeffry Archer, Dean of University Libraries at Baylor University says, "Overall, it's our people in the library that are our most valuable asset. We will leverage Skilltype to assess skill gaps and find ways to fill these gaps. We must make sure that our staff then have the opportunities to grow and learn along with the changing and developing nature of libraries." 

Amigos has clearly defined goals and strategies that include allowing members voices to shape programs and services that reflect their needs and interests, pursuing programs and services that benefit members, partners, and the wider library community, supporting and promoting member libraries and the growth and development of library staff, and creating a more efficient and effective organization for their members and staff. Together with Skilltype, Amigos will be able to provide access to a global database of professional development and continuing education resources to library staff at member institutions. 

"Library consortia are critical to the future of our field and profession," says Tony Zanders, founder and CEO of Skilltype. "This first of its kind investment increases the capacity of its member libraries, both individually and collectively, creating a blueprint for how libraries navigate the talent challenges of this decade."


About Skilltype
Skilltype is a library software company specializing in using data to create modern talent management workflows. Libraries across six countries use Skilltype to provide personalized training to their employees, identify skill gaps, and make data-informed decisions on whether to recruit, reskill, or share expertise. Skilltype was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

About Amigos Library Services
Amigos is one of the largest consortia of libraries and cultural heritage institutions in the United States. For more than 40 years, Amigos members have collaborated to obtain affordable services and shared library resources and knowledge. Through membership in Amigos, libraries collectively gain access to the latest innovations and services in the library community; pursue opportunities for continuing professional education; and leverage their buying power. Collaboration strengthens each member's ability to serve and lead its community in the creative and effective use of information resources.

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