Changing Standards, Local Choices: Navagating the Current Cataloging Landscape - schedule

Session Links
10:00 am
NISO Metadata Recommendations for the E-Book Supply Chain and Audio & Video Information Space
Nettie Lagace
10:00 am
Introducing Open Cataloging Rules: The Freely Available Cataloging Code Alternative to RDA
Denise Soufi and Sarah Theimer
10:45 am
11:00 am
Getting Started With Critical Cataloging
Tiffany Henry, Alyssa Nance and Anna Craft
11:00 am
The Need for an Open Metadata Platform
Jamie Kutzuba
11:45 pm
Lunch Break
1:00 pm
Conversation About Cataloging Standards
Emily Nimsakont
2:00 pm
1 Hour Break
3:00 pm
Closing Keynote - The end is not nigh! Carrying on with the new RDA
Melissa Parent