Replacement resources for the deteriorated,damaged, or lost

In-print sources
  • Book in Print
  • Guide to Reprints
  • Books on Demand
Out-of-print sources
  • Local dealers
  • WWW sites
    • - Advanced Book Exchange, Inc.
    • - Bibliocity, Inc.
    • - Bibliofind, Inc.
    • - Interloc, Inc.
    • - MX BookFinders, Inc.
    • - Amazon, Inc.
Other sources
  • U.S. Book Exchange (especially for back issues of serials)
  • Gifts and exchange processing within the institution
Replacement with microform
  • OCLC Online Computer Library Center’s Online Union Catalog
  • Research Libraries Group’s RLIN (Research Libraries Information Network)
  • Serials in Microform (University Microfioms International)
  • Guide to Microforms in Print (Meckler, annual)

New York Public Library Register of Microform Masters: Monographs (NYPL, 1983) on microfiche.

Replacement with electronic text
  • American Memory, Library of Congress
  • Journal Storage Project (JSTOR)
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Octavo, Inc.
  • University of Virginia Library. Electronic Centers