Fellowship and Opportunity Award Program Recipients

Note: Final reports are posted as submitted by the award recipients with the exception of project financial information. All references to project-funding costs have been deleted.


Jen Salvo-Eaton, University of Missouri – Kansas City, Kansas City, MO
Proposal: Dynamic Engagement: Digital and Physical Promotion of a Writing Resources Micro-Collection

Natasha R. Margulis, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR
Proposal: Crowdsourcing it Old School Style: The Controlled Vocabulary Initiative at Arkansas State University


Katie Peery and Peace Williamson, University of Texas at Arlington Libraries, Arlington, TX
Proposal: Innovation Beyond the Stacks: UT Arlington Libraries Delivers the Digital Audio Experience Studio

J.B. Hill, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, AR
Proposal: Developing a GIS Resource Service at a Community-Engaged Metropolitan University


Melissa Salnave, Fort Bend County Libraries – Mamie George Branch, Stafford, TX
Proposal: Makerspace at the Library

Bruce Flanders, Mid-America Nazarene University, Olathe, KS
Proposal: BYOD and Collaborate: a Low-Cost/High-Tech Student Collaboration Solution


Debra Miller, City of Irving Public Library, Irving, TX
Proposal: Tablet Time (Amount Awarded: $4,710)

Kristina Southwell, The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
Proposal: Dear Wife: Crowdsourcing Transcriptions of Civil War Manuscripts (Amount Awarded: $5,290)


Deirdre Joyce, Central New York Library Resources Council, Syracuse, NY
Proposal: Discovering Our Local Treasures: Incorporating the New York Heritage Digital Collections Project into the Common Core Learning Standards (Amount Awarded: $4,600)

Liz DeHart, University of Texas Marine Science Institute, Marine Science Library, Port Aransas, TX
Proposal: Digitizing and Promoting Greater Access to the Contributions in Marine Science, Formerly Publications of the Institute of Marine Science (Amount Awarded: $2,900)


Virginia Kay Williams and Nancy Deyoe, Ablah Library, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
Proposal: Diversity in Library Youth Collections (Amount Awarded: $4,538)

Adrianna Lancaster, East Central University, Ada, OK
Proposal: Integrating Interaction Into Instruction (Amount Awarded: $2,012)

Stefanie Wittenbach, Texas A&M University, San Antonio, TX
Proposal: Core Workforce Competencies for the 21st Century: Building a Comprehensive Academic Skills Program for TAMU-SA Graduates (Amount Awarded: $950)


Katherine H. Weimer, Texas A&M University Libraries
Proposal: Creating a Map-Based Search Interface for Electronic Theses and Dissertations (Amount Awarded: $4,000)

Patricia Hewitt, New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, NM
Proposal: Fray Angelico Chavez History Library Map Cataloging Project (Amount Awarded: $1,861)

Karen J. Docherty and Karen Biglin, Rio Salado College & Scottsdale Community College, Maricopa Community College District, Tempe, AZ
Proposal: The Reference Ref: How to Referee the Assessment Process for Virtual Reference Services (Amount Awarded: $1,639)


Helen Clements & Robin Leech, Oklahoma State University
Proposal: Early Oklahoma Serials: A Pilot for Digitizing Oklahoma History (Amount Awarded: $1,250)

Tracey Thompson, New Mexico State University
Proposal: Building an Information Commons in Second Life (Amount Awarded: $3,500)

George Fowler, University of Arkansas
Proposal: Arkansas Libraries Collaboration UnConference (Amount Awarded: $700)


Tanya Finchum and Juliana Nykolaiszyn, Oklahoma State University
Proposal: Survey of Oral History Collections In Oklahoma (Amount Awarded: $2,085)

Toni Hoberecht, University of Oklahoma – Tulsa Library
Proposal: Benchmarking Web 2.0 Technology Use at the University of Oklahoma – Tulsa Library (Amount Awarded: $2,831)

Scott Muir, Arizona State University – Downtown Phoenix Campus Library
Proposal: Great Libraries: The Technology and Implementation Behind the Service (Amount Awarded: $1,500)


Carol Lunce and Andrea Williams, Midwestern State University
Proposal: Assessing and Improving Instruction to First Year Undergraduate Students (Amount Awarded: $2,444.25)

Devin Zimmerman, Texas State University
Proposal: Best Practices in Library Instruction to Students with Disabilities (Amount Awarded: $916)


MaryJo Venetis, The University of Texas at Dallas
Proposal: E-leadership Survey in Library and Information Science (Amount Awarded: $1,440)

Lutishoor Salisbury & Usha Gupta, University of Arkansas
Proposal: "Googlization" of Information and Implications for Information Literacy and Collection Development: A Research Study (Amount Awarded: $1,600)


Margit Smith, University of San Diego (CA)
Proposal: The Medieval Girdle-Book Documentation Project (Amount Awarded: $2,150)

Brian Surratt, Texas A&M University Libraries, College Station, TX
Project Title: Enabling Reference Linking to an Institutional Repository through Collaboration with the CrossRef Metadata Registry (Amount Awarded: $3,500)

Kai Yu, Texas A&M University Libraries, College Station, TX
Project Title: A Quick Guide for CJK Catalogers: Analysis of the Most Frequent Errors in CJK Bibliographical Records (Amount Awarded: $1,850)


Rebecca Ryan, South Pasadena Public Library
Proposal: Local History Information Consolidation Feasibility Study (Amount Awarded: $1,206)

Marcia Smith, Patricia Hewitt, New Mexico State Library
Proposal: Digital Documents in New Mexico (Amount Awarded: $3,140)


Kitty Pittman, Oklahoma Department of Libraries
Proposal: The Formulation of a Digital Plan Through Practical Application of Two Historic Oklahoma Documents (Amount Awarded: $1,100)

Ellen Safley, The University of Texas at Dallas
Proposal: Developing a State-of-the-Art Curriculum Library - Anticipating the Needs of 21st Century Education (Amount Awarded: $2,450)

Margit J. Smith, University of San Diego, Copley Library
Proposal: Study of the Medieval Girdle Book and Advanced Paper Conservation (Amount Awarded: $2,200)

David Laird, Michele Dyer-Hurdon, Lynn Marks, Ann Rosselle,
Phoenix College Library (Maricopa Community Colleges)
Proposal: Intra-District Loans: Making Better Use of Shared Resources (Amount Awarded: $1,700)


Cokie Anderson, Oklahoma State University
Gina Minks, University of Tulsa
Proposal: The Oklahoma Digital Statewide Feasibility Study of Available Resources (Amount Awarded: $1,580)

Tobeylynn Birch, Alliant International University
Proposal: Developing an International Perspective (Amount Awarded: $1,325)

Thomas LaFleur, Laredo Community College
Proposal: Report for Improvement of Library Instruction at Laredo Community College (Amount Awarded: $1,145)

Dale Sauter, Northwestern State University
Proposal: Retrospective Conversion of Manual Records for Selected Materials Housed in the Cammie G. Henry Research Center into MARC-AMC Format (Amount Awarded: $1,211)


Cesar Caballero, University of Texas at El Paso
Proposal: Testing of Two Strategic Planning Models for Development of Electronic Resources in Academic Libraries (Amount Awarded: $1,400)

Cecilia Aros Hunter, Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Proposal: Preserving Photographs in a Digital World Seminar (Amount Awarded: $2,463

JaNae Kinikin, Suzanne Holcombe, Janet Ahrberg, and Tanya Finchum, Oklahoma State University
Proposal: Phase II: A Project to Create a Web-Accessible Index to Four Oklahoma Periodicals (Amount Awarded: $1,510)

Sherry Young, Cameron University
Proposal: Academic Library Friends Groups: Workshop and Consultation (Amount Awarded: $1,291)


JaNae Kinikin, Suzanne Holcombe, Janet Ahrberg, and Tanya Finchum, Oklahoma State University
Proposal: A Survey of Select Oklahoma Libraries To Determine the Usefulness of an Index to Oklahoma Periodicals (Amount Awarded: $300)

Gina Minks and Lori Curtis, University of Tulsa
Proposal: The University of Tulsa Digitization Initiative: A Blueprint of EAD Implementation for the Small Academic Library (Amount Awarded: $1,880)

Claudia Rivers, University of Texas at El Paso
Proposal: Reformatting of Brittle Books by Hispanic Women Writers at the UTEP Library (Amount Awarded: $2,975)

Sha Li Zhang, Wichita State University
Proposal: Effectiveness of Technical Services Staff Training and Development in Selected Academic Libraries in Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma (Amount Awarded: $1,470)


Sara Baron and Alexia Strout-Dapaz, Texas Christian University
Proposal: Bonjour, Ni hao, Hola, Konichiwa: Communicating with and Empowering International Students with a Library Skills Set (Amount Awarded: $500)

Karen Stabler and Cynthia Watkins, New Mexico State University Library
Proposal: Identifying Best Practices for the Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Service: A Case Study at New Mexico State University Library (Amount Awarded: $1,700)

Carol J. Tipton, Texas A&M – Kingsville
Proposal: Graduate Student’s Perceptions of Library Support Services for Distance Learners: A University System-Wide Study (Amount Awarded: $800)


Cathy Nelson Hartman, University of North Texas Libraries
Proposal: Digitizing Historical Publications: Enhancing the Official Electronic Collection of the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (Amount Awarded: $1,524)

Tommie Wingfield, Marie Irwin, Rachel Robbins, and James Stewart, University of Texas at Arlington Library
Proposal: Teaming Computing and Library Professionals to Support Distance Learning Students: Looking at University of Texas System Institutions (Amount Awarded: $1,301)


Peter G. McGuinness, Texas A&M University - Corpus
Proposal: LVIS: A Model for Interlibrary Cooperation (Amount Awarded: $1,675)

Richard Paustenbaugh, Steven Folsom, Johnny L. Johnson, and Steve Locy, Oklahoma State University
Proposal: An Internet-Based Subject Guide to Collections of Public and Academic Libraries Within the AMIGOS Region (Amount Awarded: $1,250)


John Berry, Suzanne Holcombe, Christine Mueller, and Daniel Tan, Oklahoma State University
Proposal: A Digital Challenge: Bringing Kapplers Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties to the World Wide Web (Amount Awarded: $1,500)

Tim Blevins, New Mexico State University
Proposal: Balancing Traditional Photograph Preservation with Todays Digital Access: An Educational Opportunity (Amount Awarded: $1,000)

Sylvia Contreras, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Proposal: Electronic Classroom: Design, Use, and Evaluation (Amount Awarded: $500)


Theresa W. McElroy, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Proposal: Professional Training in Serials Cataloging and Format Integration (Amount Awarded: $1,000)


Margaret A. Irwin, HAM-TMCL
Proposal: Acquiring an Education in the Area of Photographic Preservation (Amount Awarded: $950)

Kathy M. Jackson, Texas A&M University, Sterling C. Evans Library
Proposal: Database Access for Remote Use (Amount Awarded: $1,000)


Nancy Boothe, Rice University
Proposal: Participation in Rare Book School Course: Electronic Formats in a Rare Book Environment (Amount Awarded: $1,000)

John R. West, Austin College
Proposal: Implementing & Integrating the Internet into Traditional Services at the Small College Library (Amount Awarded: $900)


Keitha Ramsey and Cherie Colbert, University of Houston Libraries
Proposal: Maximizing Human Resources: Training Library Automation Trainers (Amount Awarded: $1,500)

Laverna Saunders and Elizabeth Parang, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Library
Proposal: The Impact of Electronic Journals on Technical Service (Amount Awarded: $500)


Brad Robison, Oklahoma Christian University of Science and Arts
Proposal: Effects of Automation on Academic Libraries (Amount Awarded: $1,000)