Trans-Amigos Express - Report Lost Items

Please complete the following form to report lost items that may be lost in transit.

Reimbursement Policy
Amigos will reimburse a lending library the replacement cost of items lost in transit. Items lost in transit qualify for reimbursement if they meet the following requirements:

  • The item has been lost in transit at least three months from the listed ship date.
  • The item is reported lost within 12 months of the listed ship date.
  • The barcode for the bag in which the item was shipped is provided.

Items sent to and from KLE, MALA and MOBIUS libraries are not covered by this policy. Transactions between TAE and KLE, MALA and MOBIUS libraries follow ALA guidelines regarding lost and damaged items.

For damaged items:
Please email immediately. Include pictures if possible. Amigos will reimburse the lending TAE/TExpress library for the replacement cost of the item.

your institution name
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Lost item shipping details
Please fill out the following to help us attempt to locate the missing item by looking up site/hub information here (opens in a new window).
site/hub item was SHIPPED FROM
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the item title
date the item was shipped
a short description/explanation of the problem, if needed
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