Trans-Amigos Express - Pickup and Delivery Requirements

Depending on your level of participation, pickup and delivery take place five days per week (Mon-Fri), three days per week (Mon/Wed/Fri), or two days per week (Tue/Thu). Your courier automatically visits your site on those designated days. You do not have to call when you have items ready to ship.

Designate an area for the courier driver.

  • Provide an easily accessible area for the TAE exchange point. Per our written agreement with the courier, controlled and/or locked areas cannot be designated as exchange points so that drivers do not have to wait to gain entry.
  • Provide a basket or box suitably sized container identified as "Trans-Amigos Express." Don't use a USPS-owned plastic tub for courier items.
  • Ensure that the distinctive TAE label is clearly visible and completely and properly filled out on every outbound piece.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at 800-843-8482 or