Trans-Amigos Express - Labeling Requirements

Each participating library is assigned an individual location number and hub city code. Library staff should attach a completed TExpress or TAE label on each outbound piece indicating a location number code and hub city designation. This information is what the courier uses to deliver materials. Location number and hub codes can be found at

Amigos provides courier participants with a master label sheet, but each library is responsible for ordering blank label stock and producing labels in-house. Labels can be ordered from your preferred office supply store.

The TAE label template for the nylon mail bags is the 3” x 4” non-adhesive name badge insert cardstock (such as the Avery 5392). The TAE label template for envelopes and boxes is the 3 1/3" x 4" adhesive shipping labels (such as the Avery 5164).

Each label should be completed as follows:

  • Date Sent
  • From Location # / Hub – location number and hub of the sending library.
  • To Location # – location number of the receiving library should be clearly marked in large numerals.
  • Hub City – 3-character HUB city abbreviation of the receiving library
  • Attention – voluntary for ILL items but required if material is being sent to a recipient other than the ILL office. (See Non-Interlibrary Loan Materials page for more details).

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at 800-843-8482 or