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Digital Citizenship in Today's Libraries

In today's world, information is shared through a wide variety of media channels and sources which are predominately electronic or digital devices. Therefore, media and information literacy require a new set of digital skills that is ever evolving along with technology. Mastering these new skills prepares students, patrons, and everyone in our communities to become digital citizens.

Regular Expressions

Have you been searching for an introduction to managing and editing data? Finally, back by popular demand, this course will focus on the syntax and construction of a "regular expression"?

This hands-on course requires no prior knowledge or practice! Upon completion, you will be able to define "regular expression", details its appropriate uses; describe and design format and syntax.

Balancing and Embracing Change: Strategies for Preparing Staff in the Library

Libraries are constantly changing and adapting for many reasons. Managers, however, are not always sure how to help their staff understand and embrace the upcoming changes. This course is designed to help you learn strategies for a successful transition, identify potential pitfalls, and anticipate staff response to a pending change in your library.