Upcoming Training Opportunities for SimplyE

Amigos Library Services provides free training for libraries that use Amigos for hosting of their SimplyE service. Registration is now open for training sessions through August.

SimplyE is an intuitive and easy-to-learn app for patrons searching for a library's ebooks and audiobooks. Amigos' SimplyE training includes sessions on the patron experience and on a library's customization of that experience, how to support patrons, the different types of statistics available, and how to promote the service.

While these sessions are designed for staff in libraries currently using SimplyE through Amigos, attendance is also open to staff from other libraries for a fee. SimplyE: App Interface & Searching requires participants to have installed the SimplyE app on their mobile device. For additional sessions, Amigos will provide access to SimplyE systems.

Interested in learning more about Amigos' hosting services for the SimplyE app?