Resource Reminders and Updates from BioOne

BioOne announced it will have zero title departures and one addition through Michigan State University Press.

215 Titles from 158 Publishers
BioOne Complete is an ever-expanding collection; each year, BioOne partners with leading titles in the biosciences to bring BioOne Complete users access to more research. BioOne is pleased to announce the addition of one new title, Aquatic Ecosystems Health & Management, to the BioOne Complete collection.

This title will further enhance BioOne Complete's core subject coverage in key fields like ecology, environmental sciences, and marine and freshwater biology. Visit the BioOne Complete website to view and download the full 2021 BioOne Complete title list.

Resource Reminder
BioOne Complete is home to a suite of guides and resources to support both your members and their users:

  • Instructor Resources: A new resource for instructors on how to incorporate BioOne Complete into your curriculum.
  • Library Resources: This page contains all you need to manage your institution's subscription.
  • COUNTER 5 Usage Reporting Guide (PDF): Learn how to access and use the COUNTER 5 reporting interface in this detailed PDF guide as provide by Scholarly IQ.
  • Promote BioOne Complete: Maximize your institution's subscription by promoting BioOne Complete to your users; these ready-made materials make it easy.
  • Robust Help Center: BioOne Complete's end user Help Center is full of step-by-step instructions to help researchers navigate all of the site's features.

Case Studies and Testimonials
BioOne Complete's wealth of content and affordable pricing make it a versatile resource which meets the needs of a variety of institutions. Check out our librarian case studies and testimonials page to hear their valuable insight into how BioOne Complete supports their organizations.

"BioOne Complete offers the ability to acquire quality titles which would otherwise be difficult to get. [It] provides a cost-effective way to subscribe to bioscience titles and being well below the average inter-library loan cost, is very positive. If universities are looking for biology packages, then yes, I would recommend BioOne Complete."
— George Meerburg
Bioscience Information Specialist
University of Amsterdam

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