Special Member Savings on Docuseek Special Collections

Docuseek has announced a special promotion on three special subject collections at deep discounts up to 60% off of list price to Amigos members. This promotion only runs until the end of July, act fast so you don't miss out on the chance to save on these extremely relevant video resources your students and patrons need.

The Docuseek Anthropology Collection is a stellar collection of films that cover the entire spectrum of the field of anthropology from the leading distributors of social-issue documentary film. Over 450 films cover the richness of the anthropology discipline by presenting stories from every continent, with content in every major sub-discipline. With a focus on social-justice documentary, the broad-based collection provides an important window into human culture and diversity. With an emphasis on social issues such as racism, sexism, social discrimination, colonialism, the environment, class, poverty, displacement, migration, human rights and more, Docuseek films encourage engagement, cross-cultural understanding and critical social awareness.

The Docuseek Health and Health Care Collection features over 400 award-winning films on health, healthcare and medicine from the leading distributors of social-issue and documentary film. Films address addiction and substance abuse, aging, death and dying, disabilities, economics of healthcare, environmental health, ethics, healthcare delivery, history of medicine, illness, disease and disorders, maternal and child health, psychology and mental health, public health, nursing, nutrition, sexuality, and more. Docuseek films examine health and healthcare in its social and historical context; essential resources for helping students to respond better to the challenges of today.

The Docuseek Sustainability Collection is a selection of over 250 films that cover the depth and breadth of the sustainability movement from the leading distributors of environmental and social-issue documentary film. The multi-disciplinary collection touches on environmental and social studies and sciences exploring everything from major environmental issues such as the climate crisis to a vast array of other inter-related topics, including new approaches to urban design, the implications of energy choices, and new and traditional agricultural methods and food distribution strategies. The collection shows in a variety of ways and places how design, conservation, community, and legislative action are all crucial components of a sustainable future at both the local and global level. Docuseek is an essential resource for spurring critical awareness and systems thinking to prepare students to meet the challenges facing the planet today and in the future.

Please contact Laurence zuercher@amigos.org if you're interested in pricing, or have any questions. As always, Docuseek's regular collections are available for trials as well.