Know & Go: Tiny But Mighty: How Tiny Libraries Can Help Their Rural Communities Thrive

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All libraries provide vital services to their communities, but libraries that serve very small, remote rural populations have the potential to go beyond providing necessary information and access—they can inject vitality and encourage their communities to thrive. Addressing the challenges faced by rural areas can be daunting to a library with few staff and limited resources, but any tiny library can find more ways to support the specific needs of its community. Learn how tiny library director and 2018 Library Journal Mover & Shaker Allie Stevens uses strategic thinking to set priorities, creates new connections with stakeholders, patrons, and volunteers, and applies the concept of growth mindsets to library work to avoid burnout as a solo librarian.

Learning objectives for this session include
  1. Reframe your library's challenges into opportunities to discover new ways to leverage your personal and professional strengths and existing resources into success for your library and community.
  2. Develop a plan for discovering who your stakeholders are and what they perceive to be the most urgent and important needs and concerns in your community.
  3. Identify concrete actions you can take to ensure you are serving the diverse needs of your entire community.
  4. Explore both your current mindset and ways to improve toward a growth mindset.


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This course consists of a 1-hour session.
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