The Emerging Role of Mobile Computing in Health: an ACM TECHTalks Session

To view the free recording of, "The Emerging Role of Mobile Computing in Health," presented on August 1 by Shwetak Patel, Director of the Ubicomp Lab at the University of Washington and 2018 ACM Prize in Computing laureate or other mobile computing in health resources, visit the Archive On-Demand page.

Always available remote physiologic monitoring through wearable sensors brings the transformational possibility of health care that empowers patients to conduct self-care, and making self-monitoring a lifelong process. Patients can more effectively manage chronic diseases, and screening for conditions could occur much sooner. It also fundamentally shifts and shares responsibility and creates a true partnership between clinician and patient. Beyond the individual patient, it also creates the potential for population health management in a way that has not been possible before. Shwetak Patel discusses how the smartphone will play a central role in this vision to a point where the phones themselves will provide many of these physiologic sensing capabilities. He also discusses the critical role of computer science in mobile health and the future of the field.