Up to Additional 30% off through June for Current and Non-Credo Customers

Credo Customers

Current Credo subscribers have the opportunity to participate in a few promotions including, a 30% discount, and flat renewal rate of our digital content. Credo will analyze libraries’ print collection and match to their digital content and replace titles with exact or similar matches.

Another option subscribers have is to participate in an evidence-based acquisition where Credo helps assess libraries' titles with the highest usage and purchase content utilized by your students and faculty at a 30% discount and flat renewal rate.

The third option offers a 30% discount to current Credo Instruct (formerly InfoLit Modules) subscribers to add Critical Thinking to your content package.

Non-Credo Customers

Non-Credo customers have the chance save money too! Subscribe to Credo Online Reference Service (a 2018 Choice Outstanding Academic Title) by June 30, 2019, and receive a credit equal to 25% of your subscription cost toward additional content through the end of September, as well as a 25% discount to any Learning Tools subscriptions, including View.

For more information, contact Susie Thompson at thompson@amigos.org or 800-842-8482, ext. 2880