PolicyMap Special Limited Time Offer for Amigos Library Service Members

PolicyMap provides simple yet powerful online mapping with data on demographics, real estate, health, jobs and more in communities across the United States. Thousands of organizations trust PolicyMap to find the right data for their classroom lectures, coursework, research, market studies, business planning, site selection, grant applications and impact analysis.

Amigos members who are first-time subscribers get 20% off through May 31, 2019!

Ask how you can get a demonstration or trial access for your library. Stay up to date on the latest new data and plans for PoicyMap’s major site upgrade this year.

Some of the newest and forthcoming data and features include:

  • Home Sale Data Underpinned by Zillow (Exclusive)
  • Life Expectancy (CDC)
  • Opioid Rates (CDC)
  • Consumer Expenditures (Exclusive)
  • Social Vulnerability Index (CDC)
  • Broadband Availability (Census ACS)
  • Social Needs Index (Exclusive)
  • An improved, small-area Community Health Report

Please contact Ashley Brizuela at brizuela@amigos.org for more details about this offer!