Launching in January 2019: SAGE Business Cases Essentials Collection

Building on the SAGE Business Cases Essentials Collection comes the release of the 2019 Annual Case Collection, featuring over 500 new cases including new SAGE Originals curated cases series on Social Impact, Sustainability, Music Marketing, Ancient Leadership and more as well as additional cases from our content partners on public policy, tech, accounting, health management and other trending business topics.

Sample Cases:

  • Sustainability: Water, Water Everywhere: The Flint Water Crisis.
    This case encourages students to appraise the Flint water crisis, the roles of key individuals and stakeholders, and what is now being done to remedy the situation.
  • Economic History: How the Pilgrims Financed the Mayflower
    This case describes how the Pilgrims—the pioneering English settlers of New England—financed the considerable costs of their resettlement by making it part of a business venture.
  • Social Impact: Carlisle Central Farmers Market: Lessons Learned from a Social Enterprise Start-Up
    This case documents the history of a failed tri-sector social enterprise as it struggled to find a balance between economic, social, and environmental goals.

In addition to SAGE's proprietary and SAGE Originals commissioned cases, the collection includes cases from a growing list of world-renowned institutions and associations. Check out the list of SAGE Originals case partners here:

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