Cambridge University Press Special Pricing for Amigos members on Selected Cambridge Histories Online Series

Save up to 50% on three popular Cambridge Histories Online Series. First published in 1902, the Cambridge Histories is a globally respected series of over 300 volumes spanning fifteen subject areas across the humanities and social sciences, with a concentration on political and cultural history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, music and the arts.

  • The Cambridge History of Latin America is the first authoritative large-scale history of the whole of Latin America - Mexico and Central America, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean (and Haiti), Spanish South America and Brazil, from the first contacts between the native peoples of the Americas and Europeans in the late-fifteenth and early-sixteenth centuries to the present day. An important feature of The Cambridge History of Latin America is the bibliographical essays which accompany each chapter. 12 volumes.
  • The Cambridge History of American Literature addresses the broad spectrum of new and established directions in all branches of American writing, and will include the work of scholars and critics who have shaped, and who continue to shape, what has become a major area of literary scholarship. These authors, who speak for the continuities as well as the disruptions sustained between generations of scholarship, represent the achievements of the last half-century in Americanist literary criticism. Generously proportioned narratives allow at once for a broader vision and more magisterial sweep of American literary history than has been possible previously; and while the voice of traditional criticism is implicit in these narratives, it joins forces with the diversity of interests that characterize contemporary literary studies. 8 volumes.
  • The New Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations is incomparable in its depth, scope, and insight, and explores America's past via the unique perspective of America's connections with the rest of the world. Organized chronologically from the country's founding to the present, each of the four volumes is written by a leading historian. With the Cold War nearly a generation behind us and new world orders emerging, The New Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations is a valuable tool for understanding the roots of America's past and present role in the world. 4 volumes.

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