Personal Name Authority Records: RDA and MARC

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The purpose of authority control is to ensure that users can access records with a specific title, by a specific author, or about a specific topic, using authorized access points. This workshop is designed for catalogers who wish to create and edit authority records for personal names in their local catalogs. Topics will include: MARC Authorities format fixed and variable fields, RDA instructions for creating authority data, authorized and variant access points for persons, future trends in authority control, and linked data and changes to RDA. Please note: This workshop does not replace NACO training provided by the Library of Congress.

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Catalogers with experience in creating MARC bibliographic records using RDA instructions
Learning Objectives
  • Recognize authority records for personal names
  • Apply appropriate codes to fixed fields for personal-name authority records
  • Encode variable fields for authority records (100, 400, 500, 6XX)
  • Apply instructions in RDA Chapters 8 and 9 to the encoding of authority data, authorized and variant access points
  • Understand changes to RDA affecting the creating of authority data and access points
  • Explain how linked data and URIs will change relationships between bibliographic and authority data
Homework Expectations
  • Homework will be assigned after each session.
  • It is designed for individual participation; each individual must register.
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This course consists of two 2-hour sessions.
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Emily Nimsakont -
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