Amigos Library Services Board Starts New Fiscal Year

At its August meeting, the Amigos Library Services Board of Directors welcomed new Directors Beth Farwell from Baylor University in Waco Texas, Dean Hendrix from University of Texas-San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas, Mary Blankenship Pointer, an Independent from Oklahoma City, OK and re-elected director Lisa Wells from Pioneer Library System (OK). Prior to the first board meeting of the new fiscal year, Amigos continued the tradition of holding an orientation session for the new directors to review policies, programs, and procedures. Chair Ruben Aragon, Vice Chair Sheila Johnson, Amigos President and CEO Alan Kornblau, and other Amigos leadership staff all participated in the informative session.

During the first meeting, Treasurer Jean Waldrop delivered the Treasurer’s report and Chief Financial Officer, Keith Gaertner, explained the process of terminating the staff’s current 403B retirement plan and its 401k plan replacement.

The Chair of the Board’s Marketing Review Task Force, Gretchen McCord, asked for time on the agenda to review Amigos’ goals and focus. Conversation centered on member benefits, library visits, member focus groups, and having more staff attend conferences. The group also talked about reviewing membership models of other consortia. Following the discussion Aragon stated that the Task Force will resume its work, supplemented with information from this conversation and assistance from staff.

Amigos President and CEO Alan Kornblau presented an update on grants Amigos received to develop connectivity for the SimplyE app. He also mentioned there has been growth in the AskAcademic program. Amigos also has a new Human Resources provider, SPMI. In the Fall, they will provide an updated leave system and present staff with the new 401k plan.

Chief Programs Officer, Tracy Byerly, gave an update on the next Amigos topical conference. She added that Amigos staff are working with the Library Marketing Conference Group on their incorporating filing for non-profit status.

With no new business to discuss, the meeting adjourned. The next board meeting is in November.