Amigos Library Services Board met in May

With Chair Craig Stephenson presiding, the Amigos Board of Directors met in Dallas on the morning of May 9, 2017. Stephenson thanked the Directors for their service on committees and task forces, including the Budget and Finance Committee, the Officers Nomination Task Force, the Nominating committee, and the CEO Selection Task Force.

Stephenson reported that the Directors had worked diligently to find a new President and CEO and commented that Kornblau will be successful. He also recognized outgoing Directors Robin Fradenburgh, Polly McCord, and Lisa Wells, presenting each with a plaque for their service to Amigos Library Services members. In addition, Linda Morgan Davis presented Stephenson with a plaque recognizing his service to Amigos members during his three-year term, as well as his leadership as Chair of the Board of Directors.

Treasurer Ruben F. Aragon reported on the positive status of investments. He discussed the RFP process for selecting auditors, and the resulting choice of Salmon, Sims, and Thomas as auditors for the next five years. President and CEO, Alan Kornblau, and Chief Financial Officer, Keith Gaertner, provided an update on outsourcing Human Resources which will also include transitioning to a new retirement plan for Amigos Library Services employees.

President and CEO Alan Kornblau provided a number of updates, the establishment of a website committee that will work towards implementing new features, as well as reporting on recent travel to conferences including Electronic Resources and Libraries, the Texas Library Association Conference, and the Oklahoma Library Association Conference.