Trial CountryWatch Free! Coming Soon - The Economic Intelligence Briefing

In March 2017, CountryWatch, the website to the world, will launch publication of the Economic Intelligence Briefing. Complementing the CountryWatch Political Intelligence Briefing, the CountryWatch Economic Intelligence Briefing (EIB) will issue over 20 reports each month covering economic news of global significance.

The reports come from the latest data issued by the World Bank, the United Nations, and national government agencies. The data is reviewed and commented upon by the CountryWatch editorial staff to provide our subscribers with the latest global economic trends and their likely impact. The reports are kept in an archive and the archive is available for review with a searchable database.

The reports include:

  • Global Share Price Updates
  • Key Exchange Rate Updates
  • Global Energy Price Updates
  • Metal Price Updates
  • Agricultural Price Updates
  • Key Petroleum Stock Updates
  • Key Natural Gas Stock Updates
  • Key Coal Production Updates
  • Key GDP & Price Updates

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