Negotiating 101: The Basic Toolkit for Librarians

Course Description
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Negotiating is a much needed skill for information professionals and managers but there is often hesitation to attempt it. Whether negotiating employment, attempting to get buy-in from upper management, or working with a vendor on contract terms, negotiating is very much a part of the lives of information professionals. This two hour course is designed to provide the basic skills and tools information professionals need to successfully understand how to approach a negotiation and to alleviate some of the anxiety associated with negotiating.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Define the stages of the negotiating process
  • Determine an effective strategy for a negotiation
  • Construct a plan for a negotiation
  • Identify methods to maximize closing opportunities
  • Assess the effectiveness of a negotiation
  • Examine common mistakes made during a negotiation
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Homework Expectations and Completion Requirements: 
  • Students will participate in class discussion and complete individual assignments.
  • It is designed for individual participation; each individual must register.
Session Duration: 
This course consists of one 2-hour session.
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