Know & Go: Transferable Skills and the Empowered Employee

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Library managers are in a key position to empower their employees and capitalize on the strengths of individual staff under their supervision. Often times staff will join a library or department with an unique set of skills that can be transferred to benefit their new assignment. This session will help you identify transferable skills that your employees have and determine how you can empower their performance.

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Librarians and managers in all libraries who are interested in maximizing employee performance.


Learning Objectives
  • List and identify transferrable skills that may benefit libraries or departments
  • Assess how managers can challenge employees to maintain interest
  • Develop strategies for utilizing employees' transferrable skills
  • Discuss methods of measuring the success of empowered employees
Homework Expectations
  • None
  • This event is open to group registration; no CEUs are available for this event.
Session Information
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This course consists of a 1-hour session.
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