Tech Topics: QR Codes

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QR Codes? Doesn't this stand for "Quarterly Review?" Not this time. Is this another type of barcode? Kind of. Does it have to do with my cell phone? Possibly. Do I need to know about it? You bet!

QR (Quick Response) codes are square barcodes that can give the user more information, e.g., a link that goes to a website, a discount on a product, when the next library event will be, by using their cell phone. We'll talk about how they work, who is using them now, how other libraries are using them, and what you need to get started.

This series, Tech Topics, is primarily lecture-based and introduces library staff to technologies that may impact libraries and library services.

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  • Define what a CQR code is and how it works
  • List three ways CQR codes are currently being used
  • Explain how to create a CQR code
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This course consists of one 2-hour session.
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