Web Publishing: Principles of Site Design

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What makes a good Web site? While there may be as many opinions as there are Webmasters, good design principles do apply. Through examination of existing sites, review of recognized Web style guidelines, practical usability techniques, and focused discussion, participants come to their own conclusions about what these principles are. Some questions addressed include: how is writing for the Web different from writing for print publications? Why do you get lost in some Web sites? What is the role of CSS (cascading style sheets)? Where do we draw the line between glitzy and boring? Bring your questions, your opinions, and your common sense.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Identify and provide an example of 4 basic principles of web site design
  • Define "usability" and its significance to libraries
  • Analyze and critique the basic design of 3 web sites
Target Audience: 
Attendees should have familiarity with Web browsers and the Internet. Basic HTML experience is preferred.
Homework Expectations and Completion Requirements: 
No homework
Session Duration: 
This is a full-day course.
Continuing Education Credit
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