Web Publishing: Introduction to Style Sheets 1

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HTML was not designed to control layout or presentation, yet it has been, using a variety of tricks. A more elegant solution does exist. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allows control of presentation elements, from font faces, sizes and colors to margins, borders, and object placement. This full-day, hands-on workshop provides an introduction to the creation of style sheets, as well as pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, and the properties: font, color, text, and margin.

Learning Objectives: 
  • 3 reasons to use style sheets
  • 3 reasons not to use style sheets
  • Describe the differences between inline, embedded, and external style sheets
  • Create an embedded style sheet
  • Compare the style sheet support in Internet Explorer and Netscape/Firefox
Target Audience: 
Familiarity with basic HTML (Web Publishing: The Basics, or its equivalent), web browsers and the Internet.
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No homework
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This is a full-day course.
Continuing Education Credit
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