CONTENTdm 6: The Basics

Course Description
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CONTENTdm 6: The Basics is designed to enable CONTENTdm 6 users to implement their collection digitization programs. Step by step, learners will configure metadata and rights management templates for data entry, add items singly and in batch, and create compound objects such as postcards and books. Learners will implement and maintain a controlled vocabulary as well as perform maintenance tasks on individual records, subsets, and the entire collection.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Demonstrate the process of importing an object through making it accessible by the public
  • Create a publicly accessible compound object
  • Modify metadata parameters for a specific collection
  • Import items via tab-delimited file
Target Audience: 
Library staff who use or will be using CONTENTdm
Homework Expectations and Completion Requirements: 
No homework
Session Duration: 
This is a day and a half course.
Continuing Education Credit
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