Discover Hyku: Empowering Libraries with Open-Source Repository Solutions

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This informative introduction to Hyku, the powerful open-source repository solution tailored for small- to medium-sized libraries, will demonstrate its uses as both an institutional repository and a digital repository for cultural heritage items, open educational resources, and theses and dissertations. Hyku offers intuitive upload processes and robust bulk import/export capabilities. Its shared search functionality across multiple Hyku libraries can enhance discoverability and collaboration. In addition to a review of Hyku's features, this session will highlight real-world use cases and ongoing development efforts, equipping libraries with the knowledge to leverage this tool for current needs. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore how Hyku can transform your library's digital repository management!

Session Duration:
This course consists of one 60-minute session.

Instructor:  Christine Peterson

June 24, 2024

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm CDT

Online Classroom
United States

Phone: 800-843-8482