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Course Title Topic Status
Adults in the YA Section: Cross-sectional Readers Advisory Programming & Services
After Teen Services: Library Programming and Outreach for the New Adult Programming & Services
Balancing and Embracing Change: Strategies for Preparing Staff in the Library Management & Leadership
Blockchain: It isn't just for Bitcoin Technology New
Cataloging & Classification Basics Cataloging, Metadata
Cataloging eBooks: RDA and Provider-Neutral Guidelines Cataloging
Cataloging with RDA Metadata, Cataloging
Checking Your Website for Accessibility Issues Web, User Experience, Technology New
Clicking the Bait: Helping Patrons Decipher Fake News and Alternative Facts Learning & Instruction
Communication Planning for Libraries Marketing & Outreach New
CONTENTdm 6: Adding Textual Materials Technology, Digital Imaging
CONTENTdm 6: Adding Visual Materials Technology, Digital Imaging
CONTENTdm 6: Editing Collections & Using Tab-Delimited Text Files Technology, Digital Imaging
CONTENTdm 6: Website Configuration Tool Technology, Digital Imaging
Copyright 101: Helping patrons understand copyright Copyright
Core Reference Skills Reference
Creating a Social Media Policy Marketing & Outreach
Creating and Curating Digital Story Times Technology, Programming & Services
Creating Mobile Websites Web, User Experience, Technology
Customer Skills for Library Staff - Techniques that Yield Results Management & Leadership
Dealing with Difficult Patrons Management & Leadership
Developing Community Support and Building Creative Partnerships Management & Leadership
Digital Citizenship in Today's Libraries Learning & Instruction
Digitizing Analog Audio Resources Digitization
Doing Digital Preservation: Small Steps to Ensuring Access Technology
Drama Free Graphic Design Marketing & Outreach
EAD2HTML: Transforming your Finding Aids with XSL Metadata
EAD3: the Basics Metadata
EPUB3 and Ebooks: What Do We Need To Know? Technology, E-books & E-readers New
Event Planning 101 Programming & Services, Marketing & Outreach
Free E-books - Where They Are and How to Download Them E-books & E-readers
Getting Started with Grant Writing Programming & Services, Management & Leadership
Getting the Most Out of Your Data Using Pivot Tables Technology, Management & Leadership New
How to Teach Online Programming & Services, Learning & Instruction
I Agreed to What?! Privacy and Social Media Web, Marketing & Outreach Updated
Image Editing with Photoshop Elements Digitization
Information Literacy: Adapting to the New Framework Learning & Instruction
Innovative Reference Service Reference
Introduction to Dublin Core Metadata New
Introduction to Project Management Management & Leadership
Let It Go: Weeding Your Library's Collection Collection Development, Management & Leadership New
Library Management for Beginners: Everyday Negotiations Management & Leadership
Library Management for Beginners: Managing from the Middle Management & Leadership
Library Management for Beginners: Managing Personnel Management & Leadership
Makerspaces in the Library: How to plan for success! Technology, Programming & Services
Metadata Principles and Practices 01: Metadata Basics Metadata
Metadata Principles and Practices 02: Metadata Standards and Types Metadata
Metadata Principles and Practices 03: Customization and Exchange Metadata
Metadata Principles and Practices 04: Metadata Relationships Metadata
METS: The Basics Metadata
Mobile Site Design Web, User Experience, Technology
Myers-Briggs at Work Management & Leadership
Navigating the New RDA Toolkit Metadata, Cataloging New
Negotiating 101: The Basic Toolkit for Librarians Management & Leadership
Older Adults in the Library Programming & Services
Online Curation: Utilizing Online Resources as a Reference Resource Reference
ORCID: Helping Your Researchers Connect to Their Work Technology, Metadata New
Personal Name Authority Records: RDA and MARC Cataloging New
Practical Privacy for Libraries Technology New
RDA for Audio Recordings Cataloging, Metadata
RDA for Copy Catalogers Metadata, Cataloging
RDA for Video Recordings Metadata, Cataloging
Reaching Students and Patrons Where They Are: Developing An Online Presentation Series Learning & Instruction
Reference and Information Services Reference
Reference Management Management & Leadership, Reference
Reference Policy Reference
Reference Sources Reference
Regular Expressions Technology
Revisiting the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Technology, Copyright New
Social Media Close-up: LinkedIn Marketing & Outreach, Web
Social Media Close-up: Pinterest Marketing & Outreach, Web
Social Media Close-up: SnapChat Marketing & Outreach, Web
Social Software in Libraries Marketing & Outreach, Web
Social Software in Libraries (on-request) Marketing & Outreach, Web
Social Software in Libraries: The Sequel Marketing & Outreach, Web
STEAM at Your Library Programming & Services
Teaching Beginner Computer Classes: Seniors and Beyond Programming & Services, Technology
Tech Tools and Apps for the Reference Desk Reference, Technology
Tech Topics: Office Applications on the Web Web
Tech Topics: Podcasting Marketing & Outreach, Web
Tech Topics: QR Codes Technology
Tech Topics: Quick and Easy Open Source Software Technology
Tech Topics: RFID Technology
Tech Topics: Saving to the Cloud Technology, Web
The Indispensable Information Professional: Building Strong Customer Relationships Management & Leadership
The Tor Browser Web
The Usable Library Reference, User Experience
Understanding and Using Library Data Management & Leadership New
Unique approaches to literacy programs in the library Learning & Instruction, Programming & Services
Using Trello for Project Management Management & Leadership
Virtual Reference Communication Reference, User Experience
Web Publishing: Accessibility Techniques Technology, User Experience, Web
Web Publishing: Introduction to Style Sheets 1 Technology, Web
Web Publishing: Introduction to Style Sheets 2 Technology, Web
Web Publishing: Principles of Site Design Technology, User Experience, Web
Web Publishing: Principles of Site Design Technology, User Experience, Web
Web Publishing: Standards and Validation Technology, Web
Web Publishing: The Basics Technology, Web
Writing for the Web User Experience, Web
XML: An Overview Technology, Web