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New Collections Care Classes Added

Good news for those looking for the training and expertise to care for your collections!

Ask Amigos Question - Converting VHS tapes to DVDs

I am converting VHS tapes to DVDs, and I have questions about the cataloging of the DVDs. Do I just change our record in our ILS to match the new format, or do I need to create a new OCLC record? If I need to make a new record, do I add a 533 note to say I converted the VHS to the DVD format, much like a photocopy of a book?

Springshare Systems Help Libraries Better Connect With Users

Amigos is pleased to be able to offer a lineup of outstanding products from vendor partner Springshare, dedicated to helping libraries create great online experiences for their patrons. Since its founding in 2007, Springshare has sought to develop engaging web applications for libraries and educational institutions to increase use of library resources and help librarians connect with their communities. Today, Springshare is among the fastest growing library technology vendors, serving more than 4,600 libraries of all sizes and types in 60 countries. Springshare’s products include LibAnalytics, LibAnswers with LibChat Platform, LibCal, LibGuides, LibGuides CMS, LibStaffer, and E-Reserves.