General News

Board proxy voting deadline is tomorrow

Proxy voting for the 2016 Amigos Board of Directors election ends at 5:00 p.m. CDT on Friday, April 29. Proxy votes can be cast either by paper ballot or online. Voting information was sent to the designated Voting Representatives for their member institutions.

Tom West serves as panelist for RA webcast

Tom West, Adult Coordinator for the Brazoria County Library System (TX), an Amigos member, was among the featured speakers for the free Novelist webcast, "Yes, You Can! - Readers Advisory for Everyone," held earlier today.

Why the Amigos eShelf℠ Service?

-Amigos eShelf℠ Service Manager Christine Peterson

I get this question a lot.

Why should my library consider signing up for the Amigos eShelf℠ Service? What makes it different from OverDrive, Baker and Taylor’s Axis 360, or ebrary? Isn’t this just another e-book platform like those from the commercial vendors?
No, it is definitely not the same. We’ve built it from the ground up to address the concerns expressed to us by libraries.