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Amigos Board Member Lisa Wells Receives ULC Award

Lisa Wells, Assistant Director for Library Services for the Pioneer Library System, Norman, OK, and a member of the Amigos Board of Directors, is among three recipients of the 2014 Joey Rodger Leadership Award presented by the Urban Libraries Council. Wells supervises Branch and Systems Managers including technology, collections, and outreach for the Pioneer System.

Amigos eShelf Contributes To Knowledge Unlatched

Here's A Question Received by Ask Amigos, Our Free Service to Amigos Members That Provides Advice, Referral, and Resources Delivered by Phone and e-mail.

We have a collection – still being transcribed – of oral histories and transcriptions started in 2004. The county librarian at the time asked that all items in the collection be marked as copyright-protected. Without documenting whether or not it is, can we simply say that an item is copyright-protected?